Cantina Sant'Isidoro

The restoration of an old stately home on the Macerata hills and the magnificent position of its estate were the inspirational reasons for the birth of Sant'Isidoro Winery. The winery, while imposing itself on the domestic and overseas wine growing scenes has followed the same solid lines of the mansion from which it has inherited the name.
The proprietary vineyards, measuring thirteen hectares, are all located within the township of Corridonia on calcareous and clayey soils with some sandy stretches, which afford the grapes the ideal conditions to exalt their quality.
The grapes grown here have been selected taking into consideration the local historical traditions, and they have been accompanied with international cultivars which best adapt to such a location and to such soil characteristics.
Both harvesting and wine-making processes are carried out following the best traditional principles and with the utmost respect for the grapes and the surrounding environment.
Since 2016, starting from the vineyards of Ribona, we have initiated a sustainable agriculture project at different levels. From the use of only organic fertilizers, to the inter-row sowing and green manure of legumes; from mechanical weeding under the rows, to the use of totally sustainable phytosanitary products for the vineyards.
All this in order to respect the environment, the winemakers who work there and the final consumers.